Developing Owners

December 8, 2015 - Mac Lake - Leadership Development

Your organization has structure, system, process, and policies that make things run smoothly when done right.

You have strategy, values and vision that help you accomplish your mission when they’re kept in sight.

But the most critical element in your equation is people. People bring structure and systems to life and put passion behind the mission. But that only happens when they feel ownership.

You understand that people development is critical if you want your organization to do what you want it to do and be what you want it to be. But what are you training your people toward compliance or ownership?

When you train toward compliance they do the minimum level of expectations, stay within the lines, avoid making mistakes and focus on doing things right. The unspoken rule of your development is “We want you to do, not think”.

When you train toward ownership they do what’s wise and what’s best for the people your organization serves.

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