Establishing Rock Solid Values

August 5, 2010 - Mac Lake - Uncategorized

In Monday’s post Vision + Values = Organizational Strength I said, “When executed properly core values define the way a company operates, gives clarity for decision making and assures greater engagement of employees.  However most leaders invest all their energies on vision and tend to neglect values.”

CIU Authority-of-Scripture_lowrLeaders must pay attention to values because values determine behavior. One organization I’ve witnessed living out strong core values is Columbia International University.  I’ve had the privilege of getting to know the President, Dr. Bill Jones and several of the CIU staff.  With each interaction I walk away impressed with their heart for the Scriptures and commitment to world missions.  It comes out in everything they say and do.  When I finally had the opportunity to visit the campus I began to understand why their values were so visible in their lives.  On the grounds of the campus they have CIU’s 5 core values literally etched in stone displayed for everyone to see on a daily basis.

CIU worldevangelization_lowresAs a leader this reminds me that I have to find ways to reinforce and make visible our organizational values so that ultimately those values will be visible in the attitudes and actions of those on our team.

What are some practical ways you can reinforce the core values of your organization?

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