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March 5, 2010 - Mac Lake - Small Group Leadership

In the past weeks I’ve posted Session 1,  Session 2 and Session 3 of our online Small Group Leader Training.  Next Friday I will post the final session of this series.  Please feel free to take them and use them at your church. If you see something that you would change…let me know.  Working together we can make each module better.

Dealing with Difficult Situations

Welcome to Session 4, Dealing with Difficult Situation. During this session, you will learn how you how to effectively handle difficult group situations as they emerge.  An online journal has been provided for you to record your notes and thoughts, or feel free to use a notebook of your own.  Be sure to bring your notes when you meet with your mentor.

Part 1
Our Group Edutainment Video
“The Group Outing”

Watch Episode 4 of the video series, “Our Group”.   During a group outing, Chris learns about the different personality’s of the group members.  When you have finished watching the video, reflect on the following questions:

Episode 4: The Group Outing from Seacoast Church on Vimeo.

  • What stood out to you the most from this episode of “Our Group”?
  • Which of the personality types would be most difficult for you to deal with?  Why?
  • What are ways you have seen these different difficult personality’s express themselves in the context of a small group?

Part 2
Video Teaching with Josh Surratt
Dealing with Difficult Situations

When relationships deepen in your group, conflict is often bound to arise.  During this session, Josh discusses the importance of Biblical practices in handling difficult group situations.  Watch this video teaching and then answer the questions below.

Dealing With Difficult Situations from Seacoast Church on Vimeo.

  • What are some examples of difficult situations you may face as a Small Group Leader?
  • What could possibly happen in a group when a group leader doesn’t address the problems that come up with various difficult people?
  • Review the following key concepts that Josh discusses.  Which of these principles do think you will need to work on the most?
    o Commit to telling the truth
    o Deal with issues quickly
    o Always speak positively about group members
    o Seek to understand the need of the difficult person
    o Clear the air – don’t let resentment settle into your group
    o Act in a loving way toward each group member
  • Reflect on a difficult situation that you have been involved in either at work, as a small group member or with a friend.    How did the experience make you feel? How could the situation have benefitted from the application of the conflict principles that Josh discusses?
  • What would your strategy be for managing the following types of group conflict:
    oIf someone in the group constantly turns discussion into debate?
    o If someone in the group is too needy?
    o If someone in the group dominates the discussion?
    o If someone in the group never participates in group discussion?

Part 3
Read the following Bible passage, Ephesians 4:25-32, and reflect on the questions below:

  • How would you describe what was going on in Ephesus?
  • List four or five of the basic principles Paul mentions in this passage about dealing with difficult people.

Part 4
The Challenge
1. Ask your mentor/group leader how they have handled each of the various kinds of difficult people?

2. Faciliate group discussion and have your mentor observe you and give you feedback on how you handled various people.

3.  Look for an opportunity at home, work or small group to practice one or more of the principles from Ephesians 4.  Journel the interaction, then talk with your mentor about the experience.

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