Recruiting Courtesies, Pt 1

August 7, 2009 - Mac Lake - Recruitment

The Fall church season is just around the corner and you know what that means…It’s time to recruit!  Unfortunately many church leaders have Rude Recruitment habits.  So in preparation for this season I thought I would take a couple of days and share a few thoughts on recruiting courtesies.  Here you go…

  • Give the potential recruit time to pray.  Never ask someone to make a decision on the spot.  When we do “on the spot” recruiting the individual feels the pressure to say “yes’ to you rather than truly having the opportunity to say “yes” to God.  Once you make the proposal tell them you’d like for them to take 3-4 days to pray about the opportunity before giving you an answer.
  • Tell the individual why you thought of them for them for this role.  Be very specific.  The initial recruitment moment is your first chance to cast vision to the potential candidate.  So take the opportunity to cast a vision of how their gifts, passion and personality match up with God’s vision for your area of ministry.  Help them see exactly how they can have a significant impact in your specific area.  Remember your job is not just to fill a position but to cast a vision.
  • Ensure the individuals gifts and passions fit the position.  Having the wrong person in a position is just as bad as having no one in the position, so be patient and find the right person with the right gifts.  When we recruit the wrong person to the wrong position we not only do the ministry a disservice but we do that individual a disservice. 

I will be adding a few more in the next post but in the mean time…what other recruitment courtesies would you add to this list?

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