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July 5, 2011 - Mac Lake - Personal Growth

Finding a new job in this economy is difficult. So if you’re dissatisfied where you’re at instead of trying to find a new organization why not try a new outlook. Here are four steps you can take that might help you find greater satisfaction right where you’re at.

Clarify your strengths. The Gallup research shows that employees who operate in their areas of strengths are more satisfied and engaged in their work. If you’re struggling knowing what your strengths are read: Now Discover Your Strengths by Marcus Buckingham.  On page 79 the author provides a link to the strengthfinder assessment which will help you identify your top 5 strengths.

Identify your weaknesses. When we’re working primarily in your weaknesses it’s difficult to find momentum or satisfaction. Sometimes simply writing down the things you’re not good at can lead to a productive plan for change. If this seems to be your challenge I recommend you read another book by Marcus Buckingham, Go Put Your Strengths To Work,.  This book also offers an online assessment that helps you measure how engaged you are at your current job.

Clarify your outcomes. Progress and productivity feel good. If you’re working day in and day out and not feeling like you’re making a significant contribution then it’s time to rethink your outcomes. What do you want to see happen as a result of the 40-50 hours a week you invest at work? Write down some specific goals that you can aim toward over the next 90 days. If you don’t like goal setting I recommend you read Stop Setting Goals by Bob Beihl.

Connect relationally. It’s difficult to find energy when you feel isolated and alone. Again, Gallup’s research shows that people are more engaged and productive when they feel like they have a friend at work. Sometimes people are unable to connect at work because they’ve never developed the people skills they need to make friendships.  If you’re struggling with feeling isolated I recommend you read Relational Intelligence by Steve Saccone.

So if you’re struggling with your job, before looking in the classifieds give a few of these suggestions a try.  A change in your situation is not always an option, but a change in your attitude always is.

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