The Spiritual Power of Social Networking Tools

August 15, 2009 - Mac Lake - Personal Growth

Warning…I am writing this post while heavily medicated and therefore cannot be held responsible for what I am about to write.  aaaa

A little over a week ago I started seeing little black spots in my left eye.  Like any good man would do when something like this happens I ignored it hoping it would go away.  But when the little black spots turned into a blind spot in the bottom of my left eye I started to get a little concerned. So on this Wednesday I went to see my eye doctor.  When he finished the examination he told me I had a detached retina and had I not come in when I did I would have lost the eye site in my left eye.  He called the surgeon right away and scheduled surgery for the next morning.  The surgery went great and despite looking like I took a mean right hook from Joe Frazier, he told me my sight should be fine.

The whole ordeal once again showed me the power of the Social Networking tools we have available to us as believers.  Thursday morning, just before leaving for the hospital, I Twittered that I was having emergency surgery.  Literally within seconds I started getting replies from around the world people telling me they were praying for me.  It was a stunning reminder of how quickly the church can be mobilized through social networking. 

A few hours later as Cindy and I sat nervously in pre-op awaiting the surgery my blackberry kept making that little ringing noise that notifies you when you have a direct message from Twitter.  I would open it up and read an individual’s Tweet asking what was going on, giving a word of encouragement or telling me they were praying for me.  It was sort of like virtual hospital visitation…the next best thing to being there.  With every Tweet I gained spiritual strength and encouragement. 

It’s amazing to me that there are people out there I have never met in person, but have interacted with on a regular basis through Twitter, Facebook or Ning and I consider them to be a friend.  And in this time of need they expressed their love and concern for me.  So I want to thank all my “Real in person friends” and all my “Virtual real friends” for your prayers and your support. 

How can you show the love and compassion of Christ through social networking today?

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  1. YAY for social networking & YAY that your eyesight was saved!

  2. Wow Pastor Mac… I had not seen your FB updates with the eye situation on it, but I am so glad you had not only all of heaven activated on your behalf, but also your virtual friends. Many say that FB is a waste of time and some look at you when you talk about FB with that look of…..Oh honey, you are not getting addicted to that are you? Poor thing, I will pray for you…it is too dangerous…you could get hurt…there is just too many sickos out there. You get my drift. So far I have noticed that having FB has enhanced my relationship with God and the body of Christ merely from encouragement from all over the world that you just mentioned in your blog post. God bless you and your family! Eye heal fast in the name of Jesus!

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