Firsts That Make a Difference

March 17, 2010 - Mac Lake - Missions, Personal Growth

Do you remember your first car, first kiss, first job?  Firsts are hard to forget because they’re so special.  The emotional impact of “Firsts” create deep seeded memories in your mind.  “Firsts” leave a lasting impression.  That’s why as leaders we must intentionally plan some” Firsts” in our lives that will impact our continual spiritual growth.

Many people develop bucket lists, things  they hope to accomplish before they die.  Typically this is a list of “Firsts” that bring us satisfaction.  That’s not a bad thing but today I want so suggest you have a second type of bucket list as well.  A lists of things that you want to do that will stretch you and produce growth in your walk with Christ.  This is a list of things that are oriented around serving rather than satisfactiMac with Pastor Silvuson. 

One of the “Firsts” that I wrote down on my SERVE bucket list two years ago was to teach leadership on six of the continents of the world.  In the past couple of years I’ve had the privilege of training leaders in North America, South America and Asia.  And now this week I experienced my first opportunity to teach leadership in Africa and it proved to be a transformational experience for me.  While I came as a teacher, I leave a student.  I have never seen such struggle, desperation and hopelessness.  Yet I have never witnessed such faith, courage and sacrifice for the sake of the Gospel.  The lifestyle of the believers here has left me humbled and hungry to know God more.   This is a “First” I will never forget and pray has forever changed me.

What are some “Firsts” you can put on your Serve Bucket List?

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  1. You are right on my brother. I think every Christian in the US should go on a short term mission trip to Africa, Philippines, Mexico, or a similar type country. We would take a completely different view of prosperity and would surely develop a sense of urgency to be about the Lord’s work. Then again, simply getting out of the pew and working with real people here that need life transformation will revolutionize your spiritual walk with Christ.

  2. If I could, I would spend a year traveling to different churches across the continents loving on, helping, and investing in missionaries and their families. My wife is an MK and hearing some of her stories as well as seeing some of her passion, I see a need that most people don’t really think about after they’ve sent a team or a check. Great post! I have been thinking all day about what I would put on that list.

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