Take a Look Inside the Seacoast Skybox

July 2, 2009 - Mac Lake - Multi-site

Many people may not realize this but while I work for Seacoast Church, I actually do not work for any one of the Seacoast campuses.  I serve in what we call Central Support. Central Support serves all our campuses by providing support, resources and training.  One of the questions we get on occasion is: How do you guys know what’s going on at all 13 of your campuses?  Well there are many ways we do this but probably the most interesting is the Seacoast Skybox.  In this video Shawn Wood, our Experiences Pastor, gives a glimpse of his very helpful high tech tool.

Seacoast Church Skybox from Maclake on Vimeo.

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  1. One might almost expect Captain Kirk’s helm chair around there somewhere…

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