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April 27, 2010 - Mac Lake - Multi-site

Isn’t it fun to make history and be a part of something big?  Today’s your chance, you can be a part of the largest multi-site survey in history!

The multi-site movement has skyrocketed in recent years.   Currently, one out of four megachurches has gone multi-site, and a third of all churches are considering it. Seven of America’s 10 fastest-growing churches are multi-site, and nine of the 10 largest churches are multi-site.  So clearly this is a method God is using to spread the gospel. 

In an effort to help multi-site churches learn from one another Leadership Network just launched the largest multi-site survey in history.  (Well, Okay it will be if you help us gather the input we need from multi-site leaders)  Whether you have one satellite campus or dozens, your participation really matters.

What are the benefits of taking this survey?

  1. You get a FREE copy of our illustrated report, emailed to you before it goes public.
  2. You (and anyone at your church) can be part of a June 24th invitational webinar with several multi-site pioneers, who will talk about long-term implications of multi-site
  3. You will influence hundreds if not thousands of other churches who are exploring the idea of becoming “one church in multiple locations”.  If you are interested check out the other Leadership Network reports on multi-site at

The survey should take 15 minutes or less. Our preference is one reply per church. But we’d rather have two or more responses per church rather than none. So if you have one designated staff person who oversees your church’s multi-site strategy, please check whether that person has already participated.

So what are you waiting for?  Go to this link and share what you’ve learned on your multi-site journey

Also if you’re not a member of Leading Multi-site, a social network community for multi-site leaders to share best practices, sign up free today at

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