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April 23, 2009 - Mac Lake - Missions

I’m breaking away from the 7 Components of Jesus Leadership Development Strategy for the day to let you know about an exciting movement that starts in seven days

A little over two years ago I was invited to have lunch with George Green, founder of Water Missions International.  I was deeply moved by George’s passion to provide safe drinking water for the under resourced in our world.  During that meeting I learned…

  • One in six people don’t have access to clean drinking water (Over 1 billion people)
  • Everyday over 25,000 people die from a lack of safe water and sanitation
  • Every 15 seconds a child dies from water related illness

Since that time Cindy and I have been on three international trips with George and his wife Molly.  We have witnessed the impact of this ministry first hand.  I love Water Missions Strategy.  They partner with the indigenous church to provide clean water for their community – thus allowing that local church to show the compassion of Christ to their friends and neighbors.  

The need is huge.  The opportunity is great.  By making a little sacrifice for 5 days in May together we can make a BIG impact for those who need safe water as well as the Living water of Jesus Christ.

Here’s how you can get involved…

  • Go to to learn more
  • Commit to a 5 day “beverage fast” May 1-5 by drinking only water
  • Save the money you would be spending on soda, milk, specialty drinks and juices.  (My friend Shawn Wood who started this movement says, “On average 30 cans of soda equal $15.00, 3 trips to a commercial coffee shop equal $10, and five fountain drinks equal $8.75, totalling $43.75 spent on beverages by the average American in one week.  According to Water Missions International that same dollar amount of $43.75 could give 5 people clean drinking water for the rest of their lives.”
  • Join the discussion on Facebook ( during those 5 days.  Also follow on Twitter @5daysinmay.
  • Donate what you saved to Water Missions International and together we can make a big impact for the kingdom.

Join us as we drink water to give water.

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