The Leadership Development Magic Bullet

May 27, 2010 - Mac Lake - Leadership Development, Mentoring

It seems that everyone is struggling with the challenge of developing leaders and in the process they’re desperately looking for “what works”.  So the questions abound:  What’s the best curriculum, best delivery system or best tool for leadership development?  Despite the fact leadership development is getting more and more attention  few are making progress with this challenge.  So what’s the magic bullet?

While there is nothing wrong with those questions, we’re still overlooking the core ingredient for leadership development.  The magic bullet is YOU.  You can develop a leader with lousy curriculum.  You can train someone without a fancy tool.  And the best delivery system will always be a leader passing on what he has learned to a potential leader.

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Mac Lake


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4 responses to The Leadership Development Magic Bullet

  1. You are right on Mac. Give me some open people, a clear process, time, and experiential learning environments and leaders will rise up. We plant and water, but God raises up a leader!

  2. Excellent post Mac! Thanks as always.

  3. So Mac… what is the best mentoring tool? Sorry just giving you a hard time. You are so right, face-to-face life-on-life makes the young leader a strong leader

  4. So well said… even more, I think your curriculum/track should change along with the needs/direction of the church. there’s always new stuff coming out. we should be journeying alongside our leaders and learning all the while! Thanks again, Mac!

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