Why I Love Leaders…

July 24, 2009 - Mac Lake - Leadership

Here’s what I know—Leaders make things happen.  Leaders change things.  Leaders question “what is” and dream of “what could be”.  Leaders learn from the past but lean toward the future.  Leaders are bent toward seeing possibilities and potential.  Leaders stir discontent, make people think and build teams that birth new realities.   Leaders are criticized but don’t give up.  Leaders push through obstacles, persist through discouragement and pay the price for the cause.  Leaders understand the journey is just as important as the destination.  Leaders take people where they’ve never been before. Leaders dream big and believe God for the impossible!   

If God’s called you to lead, lead well.  (Rom 12:8)

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Mac Lake


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2 responses to Why I Love Leaders…

  1. I see that you are speaking all over the United States…we would love for you to come to Oklahoma! I see you spoke at Willow Creek back in May…they have implemented our Stand in the Gap model. We just recently interviewed on of their SITG family leaders, who said “I have found more connection in my SITG family than in any small group or area of the church that I have served. It really does feel like family.” Would love to share more if you are interested. Have a fabulous weekend!

  2. Mac, I continue to find your blog posts very helpful! I’m trying to better understand the why and how of leadership development. I’ve been discussing with friends and on my blog the idea that being a leader is a stigma, that leadership development isn’t all that necessary. This post gives some good reasons as to *why* it’s critical to have and develop good leaders. Thanks — Larry

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