Vision + Values = Organizational Strength

August 2, 2010 - Mac Lake - Leadership, Values, Vision

When executed properly core values define the way a company operates, gives clarity for decision making and assures greater engagement of employees.  However most leaders invest all their energies on vision and tend to neglect values.

Leaders love to think, dream and inspire people to pursue a better future.  While this type of visioning is essential for organizational direction, if the leader doesn’t provide a clear set of values it may be difficult to achieve the desired outcomes. Having a clear vision doesn’t ensure the necessary behaviors to achieve that vision. That’s why it’s essential the leader invest as enthusiastically in values as he does in the vision.  There may be a great vision but if the people in the organization don’t operate according to a unified set of values they will find themselves unable to move forward in a productive way.

What are the essential core values for your organization?  How well are those demonstrated in the attitudes and actions of the leaders in your organization?

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3 responses to Vision + Values = Organizational Strength

  1. Great post. I am currently serving at a church that is just beginning a search process for a Pastor and we are creating a church profile and working with our Core Values and Vision. Instead of just listing our values we are providing examples of those values in action within our church. This time is really a great time to point out people living out our core values and through that reminding people how do do what we know we are to do.

  2. Mac – values are the key but Shared Values can have more impact- when the whole team helps create the values and everyone is hired and evaluated on the values that is when they will become part of the culture.

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