Vision: I said it, Got it?

March 4, 2010 - Mac Lake - Leadership, Vision

Isn’t it frustrating when people don’t get your vision.  You share it eloquently, convincingly and passionately yet within 24 hours someone asks you a question or makes a statement that indicates they just didn’t get it.

Being a visionary is patient business.  However the irony is most visionaries aren’t patient people.  I was struck with this truth recently when I was having lunch with a staff person who said, “You know you’ve been talking about leadership development here for years.  I’ve always heard what you’ve said, but I’m just now really beginning to understand.”  (Okay, you’re saying, “Mac is a lousy vision caster so I probably shouldn’t read any further“…but stick with me for a minute)

As leaders we have this misperception that a vision caster is like a carpenter who nails or duct tapes his vision in people’s minds and it’s supposed to stick.  But the truth is visionaries are more like artists who etch, sculpt and paint on the canvas of people’s minds until they see the image of what’s in the artist mind.  Vision isn’t something that STICKS immediately, it’s something that’s SHAPED over time. 

So don’t get discouraged when people aren’t getting it.  Vision casting takes time.  The artist knows when people need to hear it, see it, feel it, experience it, or share in it.  All of these are tools the visionary artist uses to bring the vision to life in the minds of their followers. 

How are you going to share and shape vision in the minds of your followers this week?

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5 responses to Vision: I said it, Got it?

  1. Thanks for this post today, Mac. Just what I needed to hear. Casting vision takes not only patience, but diligence … and the power of the Holy Spirit to help them get it!

  2. Mac, this post is gold! I think wisdom per word count is higher than most posts on vision I have ever read! Thanks for you ministry of sharing rich leadership development insight. I am going to use this with my team call today.

  3. Joey Contreras March 4, 2010 at 10:50 am

    This changes the way I communicate vision. I don’t just slap someone with it like a piece of duct tape. I explain it maybe 10 different ways, and allow people to ask questions, and work out the vision together. Thanks, Mac

  4. Very true. Not only do I wish more pastors and leaders would understand this, but that the idea of vision taking time would catch on in specialized ministry areas. If you want me to build a lasting youth ministry then I’m gonna need a little time! Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is thiving, sustainable, and visionary ministry.

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