Thoughts I’ve Been Thinking – October

October 30, 2009 - Mac Lake - Leadership

Here are a few of the leadeship thoughts I’ve tweeted throughout October.  If you would like to follow me on Twitter you can find me at

  • 2:30 PM Oct 29 Insecure leaders insist that people follow, secure leaders inspire people to follow
  • 1:07 PM Oct 28 A leader finds inspiration when he lives for a movement rather than maintenance
  • 12:05 PM Oct 27 Leaders invest 90% of their time on change…90% of people don’t like change…no wonder leadership is difficult.
  • 12:05 PM Oct 26 While leadership can be lonely it also demands aloneness
  • 11:11 AM Oct 20  Mediocrity invades the life of the leader who has lost his focus
  • 12:20 PM Oct 15 Don’t train someone to fill a position, train them to live a lifestyle of leadership
  • 12:06 PM Oct 14 Decisions can make or break a leaders confidence and credibility, so decide now to decide well
  • 12:05 PM Oct 13 If you want to see more people reproducing leaders in your organization then you have to celebrate those who are already doing it.
  • 12:10 PM Oct 12 Pour intensity into something that matters. – Dave Ramsey #cat09
  • 8:59 AM Oct 9 Passionate leadership moves followers, deepens their convictions and gives them faith to believe despite overwhelming obstacles
  • 4:35 PM Oct 8 Ideas without leadership end up in a wasteland of unrealized possibilities.
  • 10:06 AM Oct 6 A great developer is one who takes the messy material of one’s failure and shapes it into life-changing learning experiences.
  • 10:02 AM Oct 5 Sometimes God wants us to expect by faith things for others that they may not even be looking for themselves Acts 3:1-11
  • 7:04 AM Oct 3 If you’re leading out of fear you will never maximize what God wants to do in you or through you. 2 Tim 1:7
  • 9:51 AM Oct 1 Great ideas are commonly surfaced through the noise of a bunch of bad ideas
  • 10:42 AM Sep 30 Disciplined organizations will drive succession planning beyond the level of senior leadership.
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