The Small Matter of Management

November 8, 2010 - Mac Lake - Leadership

As leaders we consider a management position to be a big matter…and it is.  But it’s the small daily interactions that make a big difference and determine the greatness of our management. The way we manage matters not only to the organization but more importantly matters to the individual.  Management is made up of our small daily interactions: the words we say, decisions we make, responses we give, level of responsibility we share and accountability we provide.  The way we lead on a daily bases produces courage, complacency or caution in the soul of our followers.

Want to know what kind of leader/manager you are, look at the sprit of your people.  What do you see?  If you see caution or complacency they’ll hold back and maintain the status quo at best.  If you see a spirit of courage you’ll find people who are comfortable with risk and innovation. It’s not just your BIG VISION but the small matter of your daily interactions that will determine your followers engagement in the vision.

What are the small things you need to change in your leadership behavior this week?

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