The Marketplace to Ministry Adjustment

October 16, 2009 - Mac Lake - Leadership

I had breakfast recently with Sam Simmons, Co-founder of Rockbridge Seminary.  Sam has a vision to make seminary education relevant and accessible to local church leaders and emerging ministers. This vision grew out of two decades of service as a seminary professor/administrator, a significant portion of this time based in Southern California as a member of Saddleback Community Church.

In this video Sam talks about that difficult transition many face moving from marketplace to vocational ministry.

You can learn more about Sam on his blog Beyond the Course at  and more about Rockbridge Seminary at . And make sure you follow Sam on twitter at

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  1. Excellent interview Mac! I’m a Rockbridge student who had Dr Simmons for my first course – he’s a great man of God with a great vision. I’m also full-time in software development trying to make sense of leadership in ministry. As you guys noted, sometimes leadership styles and approaches I use in the marketplace don’t work so well in the church. 🙂

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