The Followers Gift

July 17, 2009 - Mac Lake - Leadership

It’s a huge honor when someone follows you as a leader  Think about it, people have a choice to follow or not.  So when someone chooses to follow us they’re in essence saying, “I TRUST you, I TRUST who you are, I TRUST where you’re leading me.”  We have to understand that followers take a RISK when they choose to follow us.  They’re depending on us to lead in God’s direction, make the right decisions, and to help them utilize their giftedness to the fullest.

It’s so easy for us to take our followers for granted, so today I am considering these questions:  Am I leading in a way that honors the trust I’ve been given by my followers?   Am I giving my followers something to really believe in?  Am I giving them something to invest their lives in? Am I giving them opportunities to fully maximize their God-given potential?  If they’re going to invest their TRUST in following me then it’s my obligation to lead them in a direction that honors God and fulfills His purpose.

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Mac Lake


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  1. Spot on Mac! No wonder Scripture ranks trustworthiness so high on the list of leadership qualities (1 Cor 4:2)! Great reminder, thanks!

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