When Leaders Fall into Maintenance Mode

February 16, 2010 - Mac Lake - Leadership

Are you living with a high sense of momentum or have you fallen into maintenance mode? 

In the world of software development programmers use the term maintenance mode to refer to that time which a program is considered to be complete and further development is unnecessary.   There have been times I’ve found myself at this point, not because I consider myself complete, but because I’ve lost my energy, passion or vision.  While maintenance mode is a good thing for a computer program, it’s a dangerous thing for a leader or an organization. 

When a leader hits maintenance mode he suffers from  boredom, feels unchallenged, let’s opportunities pass him by, settles for good enough, speaks less frequently about the vision, no longer carries a passionate energy and worst of all he stops looking for God sized things to happen.   If you stay there to long it has a negative impact on your organization.  Here are five common dangers when a leader gets stuck in maintenance mode

  • It breeds a spirit of complacency among other team members
  • It causes the organization to miss prime opportunities
  • It kills creativity and innovation
  • It causes others to settle for mediocrity
  • It reduces fresh movements from the hand of God
  • It brings growth to a halt

Do you see signs of maintenance mode in your leadership?  What do you need to do this week to stir a fresh momentum and movement of God?  If you could see God do one thing in your life or ministry over the next 30 days what would it be?

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6 responses to When Leaders Fall into Maintenance Mode

  1. Each of us is called to lead from where we are – now. Each of us is called to give God our best – regardless of the situation.

    Some leaders give up and fall into maintenance mode because of the situation they find themselves in. Our vision comes from God, so it is our duty and delight to continue to grow as leaders and be the champion for the vision God has given us.

    Thanks for your faithful posts.


    Hugh Ballou

  2. Mac

    Thanks for this – it really hit the mark with me at the moment.

    I’ll focus on this over the next couple of days, to get back on track.

  3. Thanks for the comments. A lesson I have to remind myself of all the time. Staying fresh and keeping momentum is work.

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