Strong Leadership…Strong Organization

August 21, 2012 - Mac Lake - Leadership

Strong leaders make things happen.  Strong leaders produce high quality results. Strong leaders take calculated risks that have significant pay off.  Strong leaders cast vision that motivates and mobilizes people.  Strong leaders bring clarity where there’s confusion. Strong leaders bring hope into impossible situations. Strong leaders persevere amidst challenges. Strong leaders are secure enough to lead with humility and posture themselves as servants to those they lead.  Strong leaders admit their faults while at the same time lead with impeccable character.  Strong leaders build strong organizations.

Just as strong leadership makes an organization stronger, weak leadership deteriorates the influence and impact of an organization. It’s easy to overlook, excuse or ignore weak leadership.  Sometimes we pretend that it has no significant impact.  But the truth is weak leadership results in weak organizations, ministries, departments or teams.

What are you doing to develop stronger leaders in your organization?

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