Seeking Feedback

August 17, 2010 - Mac Lake - Leadership

Sometimes we become so busy doing what we do that we forget to stop and ask if what we’re doing still matters.  The culture around us changes, people change and needs change.  This is why it’s crucial to build feedback systems into everything we do.  An organization that doesn’t solicit feedback will soon become irrelevant and eventually non-existant.

So find ways to ask your customer about their experience with the services you provide.  Ask: What did we do well?  In what way was it helpful to you? What could we do better next time?  Seeking this type of feedback and then acting on it will help improve the reach and impact of your organization.

Where do you need to ask for feedback about your organization?

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  1. Good Word! I enjoy still being able to glean from your wisdom! Thanks for sharing! =)

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