Questions I’m Asking Myself this Week

August 27, 2009 - Mac Lake - Leadership, Leadership Development

One of my favorite books I’ve read this year is Ram Charans, Leaders at all Levels.  Charan promotes a concept he calls the Apprenticeshp Model.  He goes as far to say that developing leaders should be on every leaders job description.  He states, “A leader has not done his job if he delivers only numbers.  He needs to deliever future leaders as well.  Every boss is a mentor and coach who invests energy and care in helping develop the high-potential leaders who report to him.  Giving feedback and coaching becomes part of the boss’s routine work, like managing the budget or getting produce out the door.  Every  interaction between the boss and the leader becomes an occaion to aid the leader’s deliberate practice and growth.” Leaders at all Levels p 79. 

Here are a few questions I’m asking myself as I evaluate my leadership this week…

  • Am I capturing teachable moments with individuals on my team?
  • Am I fully aware of their challenges, frustrations, and failures?
  • Am I doing enough “on the spot” coaching?
  • Am I helping them learn from their failures and successes?
  • Am I helping them move toward greater engagement in their strengths?
  • Am I helping them find ways to disengage from their weakness?

What changes do you need to make next week in the way you lead people in order to be a teaching leader?

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  1. It seems that most of us are better consultants than coaches. We can see & identify problems, but we are not good at helping at the individual level. The book is on my list to read. Great post.

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