Motivation or Inspiration?

December 22, 2009 - Mac Lake - Leadership

There’s a difference between motivation and inspiration and knowing when to use which will greatly enhance your leadership influence.

Motivation is the ability to move someone toward good performance.   An iindividual needs motivation when they’re struck, discouraged or disengaged.  I like to think of motivation as finding that internal switch that will turn the power on for an individual.  Motivation helps a person go from being stationary or stuck to moving forward.   Motivation may come in the form of giving recognition, providing clarity on expectations, connecting relationally or compensating them for a job well done.  But ultimately the leader does something that creates new patterns of thinking that gets the individual moving forward in a productive way. 

Inspiration on the other hand is more about lifting than moving.  Inspiration helps a person go from good to great.  I need to inspire the person who is thinking right to think bigger.  I need to inspire the person who is using their gifts to maximize their gifts.  I need to inspire the person with a good idea to turn it into a great dream.  Inspiration is about helping someone see what they have not seen before.  It’s about  enlarging their vision, enhancing their passion and  expanding their belief of what could be.  Inspiration comes in the form of passionate words, pictures, examples and modeling.  It produces a sense of urgency that enables an individual to find ways to maximize their strengths and make the most of their opportunities .

What do those following you need today motivation or inspiration?

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