Making a Commitment to Personal Leadership Development

August 10, 2010 - Mac Lake - Leadership, Personal Growth

When you invest in the development of your own leadership everybody wins.  Bill Hybels (Global Leadership Summit 2010)

Personal development isn’t just about improving our leadership, it ultimately raises the level of leadership in the whole organization.  When you grow others grow.  While there may be many obstacles that prevent us from being perfect leaders, there is no excuse for not being a growing leader.  Leaders who are not practicing self development make repeated mistakes, maintain poor leadership habits and lack the leadership wisdom that will enable them to adapt to a changing culture. But leaders who develop the discipline of personal growth are making constant adjustments, learning from their mistakes and developing leadership wisdom that will sustain their leadership over the long haul. But our self-development not only impacts the way we lead but it impacts the leadership of those around us.  I’ve always believed that growing leaders grow leaders.  Here are three keys to making sure that “everybody wins” through your personal leadership development.

  • Commit yourself to a daily leadership growth plan. If it’s reading one chapter of a book a day, researching a leadership topic on particular blogs or asking veteran leaders key questions, try to learn something new everyday.
  • Carry a notebook and write down one new thought or insight every day.
  • Put what you learn into practice.  The best way to learn something new is not to think about it but to do it.  Find ways to apply your new insights right away.
  • Teach others what you’re learning.  Each time you share what  you’re learning you reinforce those principles in your own mind and you help others on their leadership journey as well.

Today’s Leadership Challenge: Discover one new leadership insight today and find a way to put it into practice this week.

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