Looking for a Promotion

September 7, 2010 - Mac Lake - Leadership, Personal Growth

All of us want to give our best and be recognized for a job well done.  However some people spend their time, energy and efforts seeking a promotion or higher position in their organization.  When this becomes our focus we make decisions based on what’s best for “me” rather than what’s best for the organization. Instead of building relationships with the whole team, emphasis is put on relationships that will benefit my career ambitions.  Rather than giving everything for THE MISSION, everything is given to SELF-PROMOTION.  Living for a position can be a very frustrating and unfulfilling pursuit.

Contrast this with living your passion.  When we live out of passion our time, energy and efforts are focused on producing results that move the mission forward. It’s passion that leads us to gladly sacrifice for the cause.  It’s passion that makes us give our best without thought of who is noticing.  It’s passion that breeds unrelenting perseverance.  It’s passion that produces a rich sense of joy and satisfaction in our lives. Nothing great was ever accomplished without a passionate person behind it.

How will your passion find expression in your work today?

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