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March 10, 2010 - Mac Lake - Leadership

In the early years of my faith journey I was fortunate to be surrounded by people who loved Jesus and did their best to live like Jesus.  I watched my mother faithfully dig deep into God’s Word.  I observed my father consistently make integrity based decisions.  I witnessed my  Jr High Sunday School teachers ability to show unconditional love.  I looked on as my High School English teacher practiced relational evangelism.   From their examples I learned to live like Jesus.

But somewhere in that process of learning to live like Jesus something switched.  Discipleship took on a different dimension for me.  It didn’t just happen one day, in fact I can’t tell you when it happened, all I know is it happened.  My growth journey went beyond learning to live like Jesus to learning to lead like Jesus.  Suddenly there was a greater recognition that my life wasn’t about me.  There was a strong awareness that God wanted to use me to influence the spiritual journey of others.  I don’t know that anyone clarified this distinction for me, it came from simply watching and catching the spirit of the leaders around me.

As spiritual leaders we must help others experience that switch.  Yes, learning to live like Jesus is a lifelong never ending process.  But at some point we have to challenge people to that level of surrender that expands the influence of their lives.  We must challenge them to lead like Jesus.

Who are the mature believers in your life that need to be challenged to learn to lead like Jesus?

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2 responses to Live Like Jesus — Lead Like Jesus

  1. Good post, Mac. This is the secret to organic multiplication…dicipleship & development.

  2. Mac, Can you direct me to a resource that provides guidance on leading middle school students? I have worked with children for so long, but feel a calling to work with middle school. I have a feeling I expect too much (and am afraid I don’t have enough to offer), so information is greatly needed!

    I appreciate your blog!

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