Leadership Thoughts I’ve Been Thinking in August

August 31, 2015 - Mac Lake - Leadership

Here are a few of the leadership thoughts I’ve tweeted throughout August.  If you would like to follow me on Twitter you can find me at www.twitter.com/maclake

  • Leadership competencies determine what we can do; character determines the spirit in which we do it.
  • When you lead with character you win the confidence of the people you lead
  • The leader who refuses to acknowledge they’re running on empty puts the entire organization at risk.#refresh
  • Good senior leaders focus on raising up more leaders; great senior leaders focus on raising up more leader developers
  • Leaders are readers. If you’re not developing your team to be readers then you’re probably not developing them as leaders
  • The most effective way to get rid of fear is to take a step forward in faith
  • Information without application doesn’t produce transformation #leadershipdevelopment
  • A big part of the leadership development problem in US church today is we invite people into leadership but not into a relationship.
  • The reason we don’t see a multiplication of leaders is because we don’t have a reproducible system for developing leaders
  • Insecure leaders insist that people follow, secure leaders inspire people to follow #leadership
  • Young leaders, don’t label your weaknesses to early in life. What you view as a weakness may be an undeveloped, undiscovered strength
  • There’s a difference between acknowledgment & encouragement. Acknowledgment says “good job”. Encouragement is specific about what made it good
  • Small, daily steps of growth take you a long way over time. #personalgrowth
  • The right opportunity + your giftedness = fruitfulness & fulfillment
  • The greatest joy for a mentor isn’t delivering a truth but watching their student discover a truth for themselves
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