Leadership Lessons from Michael Scott: End Well

May 24, 2009 - Mac Lake - Leadership

It’s not likely that you will hold your current leadership position forever.  The question is not, Will I leave?  The question is, How well will I leave?  Leadership Lesson from Michael Scott:  Work as if you will not be in your role forever.

What do I have to do to leave well?

  1. Don’t have a possessive attitude about your role.  QUESTION:  Am I continually training others in or giving away my responsiblities?
  2. Always be looking for future talent.  QUESTION:  Who is my potential successor?
  3. Document your roles and responsiblities  QUESTION:  Do I have a written job description?
  4. Know what it will take to end well.  QUESTION:  What are 3-4 marks I want to leave on my current organization?
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  1. Ah Michael, so wise beyond your years, teach us all your witty ways. You gota love that sweet doublewide tie to.

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