Is Your Passion Moving People?

November 16, 2010 - Mac Lake - Leadership

Leaders understand that it’s nearly impossible for a passionless leader to inspire a movement.  Passion moves people to action.  But sometimes leaders rely solely upon their enthusiasm to gain support for a new vision or idea.  When they get no response they’re baffled or even get frustrated with people for not responding.  We must realize that passion is only half of the equation for moving people to action. When a leader wants to inspire people it requires more than an energizing speech filled with visionary statements of a preferred future.  It requires a knowledge and understanding of where you’re going and how to get there.  Knowledge gives your passion credibility.  When a leader has passion without knowledge people typically ignore the vision rather than engage the vision.

What are you excited about lately?  Do you have a plan to turn your idea into a reality?

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Mac Lake


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6 responses to Is Your Passion Moving People?

  1. We took a look at your website recently and we like what you are doing. We have some charities that we support in Ecuador and they each have their own compelling story. What we are trying to do is to help ministries in the USA organize for large scale, on-going, easily-managed fund raising to support their charities and missions. This in turn generates funds for us to support our charities in Ecuador.

    If you think it’s worth a post or an article on your website, maybe we can connect with like-minded Christians that our program would be a good fit for what they want to accomplish.

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    We are currently in the process of creating videos of our two main charities: (1) An orphanage for HIV infected children and (2) fund raising for 13 local schools for kids ages 2-7. Many of the schools do not the proper facilities that they should have, i.e. restrooms, school supplies, or kitchens all of which are greatly needed.

    Cedric Willis

  2. Great thoughts Mac, we miss you brother…

  3. Great word Mac – we’re in beginning stages of a DIY plant near Nashville. We have a strong/talented core that has been gathering for 4 weeks. I was recently slammed with the REALity that I did not have the ‘how we will get there’ next-step piece developed yet and we need it NOW. So I’m cramming to learn what to do next, how to do flow charts, delegate, etc. For DIY planters like myself there is a pretty big void of information/materials available out there for the step right after core vision casting. Thanks again!

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