Frustrated Leaders

January 28, 2013 - Mac Lake - Leadership

I used to think that frustration was one of the occupational hazards that came with the job of leadership. But over the years I’ve discovered the frustration is actually a gift that pushes us towards excellence. When a leader becomes frustrated with high turnover, loss of a loyal customer, poor team performance, you name it, there are two different responses.

Option one is to put our head down and get stuck in the mire of mediocrity, the forest of failures or the ocean of obstacles. We get discouraged and frustration fosters a desire to quit. Sometimes the frustration leads us to criticize the very people we’re supposed to love and lead. If we’re not careful frustration can lead to a negative spirit that overshadows our entire personality.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. If a leader harnesses the power of frustration it can lead to a lot of good. Instead of getting angry…get analytical and ask why the problem truly exists and what you should do about it. You might just discover some ideas that become game changers for you. Instead of cursing your team…coach them to see the opportunities for individual improvement. You might just end up developing the next super leader in your organization. Instead of focusing on the obstacle…look at the opportunity to develop a better process or product. You might just come up with a breakthrough to get you to the next level. Frustration can actually be a gift that can push you forward faster. It all lies in how you handle it.

You cannot eliminate frustration but you can chose to use it as a fuel for positive change.


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