Eight Statements that Indicate You’re a Dangerous Leader

November 14, 2015 - Mac Lake - Leadership

What do you think of when you hear the term “Dangerous Leader”?  If you’re a visionary leader you probably think of someone who has a big vision and pushes back darkness.  One who dares to dream great dreams. One who moves forward toward great things despite fear and opposition.

But for others the term “Dangerous Leader” stirs up thoughts of being beaten down, discouraged and unappreciated.  This type of dangerous leader destroys their team members confidence and commitment.

My life verse is Psalm 78:72 which talks about David’s leadership style.  It says, “David shepherded them with a pure heart and guided them with skillful hands.”  In other words, David had leadership spirit and leadership skill.  He may have been a dangerous leader for the Kingdom sake, but he wasn’t a leader who demoralized his team.  His spirit and skill as a leader emboldened his people’s confidence and commitment.

Over the years I’ve seen leaders who have lead in dangerous ways and lost their team members loyalty and dedication.  Below are eight statements that you will begin to hear when you are leading your people recklessly.  (Maybe you won’t hear them, but they are being said)

  • “Decisions are being made for me not by me”
  • “I feel more like a participant on the team rather than an owner on the team.”
  • “I am only communicated with when there is a problem, not when there’s a praise”
  • “I’m valued as an employee (or team member) but not valued as an individual”
  • “I’m free to DO but not free to DREAM”
  • “My leader sees my current productivity but not my future potential”
  • “My voice impacts my space but not the whole place”
  • “I’m given much responsibility, but little resources to accomplish them”

Sometimes our drive toward our vision and mission blinds us to how we are leading the very people that will help us get there.  So have a dangerous vision that pushes back the darkness. But don’t be a leader who leads your team in a dangerous manner and destroys their confidence and commitment.

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