Doing a Mistakes Audit

June 15, 2011 - Mac Lake - Leadership

How are things going? Really, how are they going? Have you stopped lately to ask yourself this question? Or are you running so hard and fast that you know things aren’t going like you want, but you don’t have time to think about why. Pull over, take a break and do a Mistakes Audit.

I’m not talking about being self-critical or negative. I mean stop, take some time and think ask yourself some important questions:  What mistakes am I currently making that is hurting the progress of my organization?  Why am I making these mistakes?  What do I need to do differently?  Who can I get to help me?  What can I learn from the mistakes I’ve been making?  If you really want to benefit from this exercise make sure you put your answers in writing.

Here are four benefits I think you will discover when you do a Mistakes Audit:

  • You can make some necessary adjustments that will improve your performance and results.
  • You will add to your leadership wisdom. Don’t just look for what you might be doing wrong but ask the questions: Why? What do I need to change? What I am learning from my mistakes?
  • You will be able to teach others from your learnings and strengthen their leadership as a result.
  • Your team will gain a greater level of respect because of your authenticity, (If you share it with them!).

Don’t forget one of the best ways you can gain leadership wisdom is by learning from your mistakes.

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