Be Unreasonable

November 9, 2010 - Mac Lake - Leadership

Have you ever had someone tell you “don’t be unreasonable”?  Unreasonable is “bad” right? It means you’re unwilling to compromise, your standards are too high or your expectations are out of alignment with reality.  Unreasonable leaders can be a pain.

But unreasonable leaders can also produce outstanding results. Who says unreasonable always has to be qualified as “bad”?  Not wanting to be “unreasonable” we’re tempted to accept excuses, allow compromise, ignore mediocrity or settle for second rate. But when we do so, we devalue the significance of our mission. Perhaps we could stand to be a little more unreasonable. Maybe it’s time to raise the bar for ourselves and others around us.  Being unreasonable in things that matter may be just what your organization needs in order to see that next big break through or experience new levels of performance.

Take a minute today and consider if you’re being unreasonable enough.  Look at…

  • your mission – are you being unreasonable enough?
  • your values – are you being unreasonable enough?
  • your vision – are you being unreasonable enough?
  • your calling – are you being unreasonable enough?
  • your schedule – are you being unreasonable enough?

Be unreasonable; don’t settle for less in things that really matter.

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2 responses to Be Unreasonable

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Mediocrity is what happens when something else is more important. What is important to you? I should be able to tell what is important by looking at your calendar, email and accomplishments.

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