7 Components of Jesus Leadership Development Strategy, Pt 6

April 30, 2009 - Mac Lake - Leadership, Leadership Development

Component #6 Create opportunities for cluster learning.

A great method for training that’s frequently overlooked is peer to peer learning.  This technique creates discussion among people who are at similar levels of experience allowing them to learn from each other.  Peer to peer learning has been shown to be one of the most effective means of sustained learning at any age level and especially in adults.

In Mark 10 Jesus and his disciples were making their way to Jerusalem when James and John asked if they could sit at Jesus left and right when he came into his kingdom.  When the others heard about this they flipped out.  So Jesus responded by pulling the whole group together, addressed the issue and used it to teach them about servant leadership.  I’m sure in that little circle of 12 emotions were running high, discussion was heated and egos were on edge.  But I guarantee you learning took place.

There is a heightened receptivity to learning when people are facing problems.  So why not huddle your leaders together and generate some discussion by allowing them to talk about leadership problems they are facing?  I am not saying get them together to let them air out their problems with each other.  I am saying get them together to discuss challenges each of them are facing as leaders.  Let them share what they are experiencing, discovering and learning. 

Every month at Seacoast I gather our Small Group directors from our 13 campuses for a Directors Huddle.  During this time we celebrate what God is doing and communicate essential information.  But we use the majority of this time focusing on a single leadership issue that I feel each of them may be wrestling with.  Each month I tell them, “What I am doing with you, I want you to do with your coaches and I want your coaches to do the same with their small group leaders.”  While the frequency and content may be different at each level we encourage each leader to use the same five part agenda in their huddles. (I will be posting more on this agenda in a couple of weeks). 

Why is this approach so effective?  Because people love to share what they’re learning from their own leadership journeys.  I like it because it’s raw, it’s real, it’s relational and it’s extremely relevant.

Does your church or organization use regular huddles for cluster learning?

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