6 Major Energy Drainers Leaders Face, Pt 1

May 25, 2010 - Mac Lake - Leadership, Personal Growth

Do you ever find it difficult to get out of bed, put on your leadership hat and face another day at the office?  All of us have had those days where we find ourselves unable to focus, lead with passion or steward the vision because we’re emotionally drained.  Until we identify the source of our problem we’re unable to deal with it correctly.  But if you’re like most leaders, you tend to ignore the symptoms and push through these times as if it were the honorable thing to do.  The leader who doesn’t ackowledge they’re on empty puts the entire organization at risk.  Maybe you can’t stop leading when you’re on empty, but you can stop to refuel.  Over the next two days I want to share six major energy drainers leaders encounter.

  1. Unresolved conflict – being upset with someone or knowing someone is upset with you can occupy your mind with hours of wasted worry.   Avoiding the reconciliation process keeps your subconscious distracted and leaking emotional energy until the relational conflict is resolved.  Determine to address the conflict TODAY.  The longer you wait the more internal energy you’re leaking and the less effective you’ll be in the other areas of your leadership. While it may not end as you would like, bringing the matter to conclusion will allow your mind to go back to a normal restful state.  Matthew 18:15
  2. Indecision – lingering decisions can weigh on the mind of leaders day and night.  Decisions take time but if you find yourself in a prolonged period of indecision you’ll drive yourself crazy and drain your energy banks at the same time.  Wrestling with multiple options and outcomes can generate enormous anxiety, especially  if the leader feels the burden of make a decision alone.  So get 85% of the facts, get good counsel, pray diligently and pull the trigger.  In that moment of decision it’s likely you’ll feel a flood of energy flow back into your soul.  James 1:5
  3. Financial instability- Personal or organizational financial troubles can serve as one of the biggest stress factors in a leaders life.  Too many leaders find themselves paralyzed rather than proactive in these times.  Instead of taking immediate action the temptation is to wait for the last minute miracle.  Not so much because we have great faith, but because we have no plan. Seek financial counsel and take tough steps to make your way back to a healthy balance sheet.  Proverbs 21:5

Check back tomorrow for three more energy drainers.

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4 responses to 6 Major Energy Drainers Leaders Face, Pt 1

  1. great blog post mac… looking forward to part 2. the only thing I would add to the “indecision” aspect is not making a decision until you have to. in steven sample’s “the contrarian’s guide to leadership” he gives two axioms of decision-making: (1) never make a decision yourself that can reasonably be delegated to a lieutenant; and (2) never make a decision today that can reasonably be put off to tomorrow. (2) sounds especially counter-intuitive… but it rings true. if we don’t have to make the decision today, we might possibly have better data tomorrow. but if the decision needs to be timely and we won’t pull the trigger, then it is totally a drain. it’s that discernment as a leader that tells us the necessity and timing of the decision.

    thanks for your leadership!

  2. Tony Milliken May 27, 2010 at 9:54 am

    Very interesting…one of our campus pastors shared your blog with me this morning. Great timing! One of the Men’s Group’s that I lead is reading “Spiritual Leadership” by J. Oswald Sander’s. The chapter that we studied last week is on The Cost of Leadership (Self – Sacrific, Loneliness, Fatigue, Criticism, Rejection, Pressure & Perplexity and Cost to Other’s) Great Information for us to apply…I can totally relate to our three (3) area’s of fatigue for us a Leader’s. Keep up the Truth coming brotha’… Have an Awesome Day!

  3. Can’t wait till Pt.2…No doubt I have faced all of these and at times have robbed me of sleep. Especially when facing multiple ones at the SAME time!
    Thanks for all you do Mac…

  4. These are great insights. Look forward to the next three. Thanks Mac!

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