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October 15, 2009 - Mac Lake - Leadership Development

When does your organization do leadership development? (Wait, don’t answer, it’s a trick question). Maybe for your organization it’s the first Tuesday of every month. Maybe it’s an annual conference or quarterly retreats. When an organization views leadership development only as something done at a designated time, place or frequency they miss the greatest leadership development opportunity of all – real time development.

Real time development is seizing the every day opportunities to teach leadership.  When an employee (or volunteer) walks into your office with an question or an issue, ask yourself: How can I use this as a leadership moment?  When you see one of your leaders succeed or make a mistake, be punctual or late, miscommunicate or speak with clarity, damage morale or build morale…use these opportunities as teachable moments by asking, “How can I use this as a leadership moment?” 

It may only be a five minute conversation but that short conversation can change the course of a leaders direction, shape their values, sharpen their skills or deepen their devotion.

What situations can you turn into real time leadership development moments today?

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