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November 20, 2009 - Mac Lake - Book, Leadership Development

We’ve all heard it said, and it is so true… Leaders are readers.  If you want to continue to grow as a leader then you must always have a book by your bedside, in your car, in your briefcase and in your bathroom.  But if you’re strapped for cash and can’t run down to Barnes and Nobel to refresh your library check out the first three on this list for some FREE reads!

  • Heard all the buzz about Seth Godins book Tribes, but still haven’t read it yet?  Here’s your chance to download it FREE.  Just click on THIS LINK and start reading within minutes!  If you are a leader and want to increase your influence in this new day and age you have to read this book.
  • On his blog Lead Change Group Mike Henry shared a link to a free audio download of the book Tribal Leadership.  Read Mike’s review of the book HERE and then download it free HERE.
  • Melanie posted a link this week on one of my posts with this little piece of gold for your worship leaders.  This is a 72 page research paper by Joel French entitled Worship Leader Mentorships.  In this paper French gives some great detail about mentoring young worship leaders.  You can GET IT HERE FREE.  Thanks Melanie!
  • And finally WWBR – What Would Bill Read?  Here is Bill Hybels recommending reading list for leaders.  CLICK HERE print and post this list by your computer and over the next 2 years start checking off the list as you read them one by one.  This would be a great personal leadership development plan for any leader.

Are there other free book resources for leaders that you’re aware of?  Share the wealth and let me know

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