Informational vs Transformational Training

January 6, 2015 - Mac Lake - Leadership Development

Years ago when I taught the Teacher Training at our church I would attempt to shift their paradigm by telling them, “Teaching isn’t talking, listening isn’t learning.”  We make a fatal mistake in leadership development when our only approach to training is dumping information from the teachers mouth to the learners ears .  Dumping information doesn’t necessarily produce transformation.  But many organizations use an informational rather than a transformational approach to developing leaders. Here are some of the big differences between the two.

  • Informational tells learners what they need to know.  Transformational challenges learners to behave in new ways by putting principles into practice.
  • Informational dumps content.  Transformational develops competencies
  • Informational the trainer provides the relevant information.  Transformational the trainer adapts content to the need and competency level of the learner.
  • Informational is one-way communication. Transformational is a two-way dialogue
  • Informational uses a one dimensional form of lecture.  Transformational uses the multi-faceted approaches of adult learning.
  • Informational follows a linear pathway.  Transformational customizes learning based on the learners present situation, curiosities and needs

What percentage of your leadership development efforts are Informational versus Transformational?  What steps can you take to increase the percentage of Transformational training?

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4 responses to Informational vs Transformational Training

  1. Mac,

    Thanks for sharing this. This is really, solid stuff. Have a GREAT day, brother! I will be spending some time soaking up your questions…reflecting on them. Thanks, again!


  2. Mac, Thanks. Great stuff. We are on the same page. In fact you use some of the same language I have for years including in Teaching That Bears Fruit, Guardian Press. Transformation vs. Information, dumping vs. discovery learning. Principle based learning. Thanks again! May God continue to use you to influence many.

  3. Jesus’ approach was not informational dump nor “transformational challenge” (actually just another word for informational dump – hyped to sound deeper and better)…Jesus approach was to daily go and dwell among the lost- actually demonstrating everything he taught & commanded…. which is making new disciples from among the lost .. everybody today wants to be a “leader” who makes “other leaders”….the problem with valuing this, teaching this and demonstrating this is that it keeps moving increasing numbers of believers away from the front lines of the world….this is the only nexus where God’s people can connect with the lost and actually make new disciples….. when we “leaders” start making new disciples the way Jesus did, a much more fruitful crop of leaders will emerge

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