Informational vs Transformational Approach to Development

September 26, 2011 - Mac Lake - Leadership Development

Years ago when I used to lead teacher-training sessions the first principle I would drive into their thinking was, “Teaching isn’t talking, listening isn’t learning.”  We make a fatal mistake in leadership development when our only approach to development is dumping a bunch of information on learners.  Dumping information doesn’t necessarily equate to transformation.  Yet many organizations use an informational rather than a transformational approach to developing leaders. Here are some of the big differences between the two.

  • Informational tells the learner about principles they need to know.  Transformational teaches people to behave in new ways by challenging them to put principles into practice.
  • Informational dumps knowledge.  Transformational develops competencies
  • Informational is one-way communication. Transformational is a two-way dialogue
  • Informational uses the science of teaching.  Transformational uses the art of facilitation
  • Informational follows a linear pathway.  Transformational customizes learning based on the learners present situation and needs
  • Informational the instructor uses a structured, highly controlled lesson plan.  Transformational the instructor allows freedom and flexibility in the lesson plan
  • Informational puts a priority on content.  Transformational puts priority on behavioral change

Organizations invest hours upon hours in leadership development.  Make sure your investment is producing the transformation you desire.

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  1. Mac,

    this is outstanding!

    This blog puts into flesh some of my thoughts on leadership development. I’m going to share this with my team.

  2. My co-worker recommended this site from a post he read the other day. I’m glad she did! Thanks!

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