Huddling with Your Leaders

August 31, 2011 - Mac Lake - Leadership Development

A huddle is a gathering of a smaller group of leaders who meet for shared learning.  This could be a meeting of a small team, a segment of a department or a small group of leaders that serve under a coach.  Peer to peer learning is recognized as one of the most effective means of sustained learning at any age level and especially in adults.  However this method is frequently overlooked or underutilized by most organizations.

In the huddle environment leaders celebrate recent victories, discuss common challenges and share helpful insights that develop their leadership.  There is no better opportunity to share the collective wisdom of the leaders on your team or department than in a huddle.

If you’ve never used huddles in your organization here are two I’ve used in the past that you can download and give a try:  Leading with Intentionality AND Caring for the Soul of Your Leaders.

Happy Huddling!

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