Has Your Leadership Pipeline Dried Up?

August 22, 2011 - Mac Lake - Leadership Development

I talk with pastors from across the country all the time who tell me their leadership pipelines are dry.  Without the development of new leaders any organization will soon be in trouble.  But instead of acknowledging the problem many stick their heads in the sand and hope for a better tomorrow.  Serious action toward building new leaders will not take place until there is a serious look at the current condition of your pipeline of leaders.  Here are a few signs that your leadership pipeline may be dry,

  • The same old people doing the same old things
  • Desperation tactics to recruit new leaders
  • A leader moves out of his position and the ministry declines or dies
  • Leaders are doing all the work themselves and not intentionally developing others
  • Recruiting for today’s need not recruiting for tomorrows growth.
  • Leader not making training a priority
  • Growth is limited because there are not enough leaders to support

Mark Effron one of Hewitt Packers Senior executives says, “There’s an underwhelming level of investment in developing great leaders, more leaders are concerned with building a legacy based on their own actions versus a pipeline of leaders.”

What are the other signs you see of a dry leadership pipeline?

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2 responses to Has Your Leadership Pipeline Dried Up?

  1. I think that there is plenty of leadership talent out there, they just have to be willing to recruit outside of their circles. But I do think that there is a lack of leaders willing to train leaders. I mean really train, not just let someone observe what they do.

  2. Great article on leadership or lack of leadership development. Too many organizations do not have leaders. I know from working with groups in the past everyone always seems to look to one person for what to do.

    Too many churches and business alike look at money spent on leadership development courses as wasted money or it is not in budget. However, if they do not develop new leaders there will not be an organization or business to lead.

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