7 Outcomes of Leadership Development

November 5, 2009 - Mac Lake - Leadership Development

Every year your organization and mine spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours on leadership development.  We know it’s important, but what are we hoping to get from it all?  Below are seven things I hope our leadership development efforts produce.

  1. An increased sense of self-awareness among our leaders.  We want them to understand and live out who God has designed them to be as leaders.
  2. A greater ability to practice self-leadership.  Until a leader masters self-leadership they will struggle leading others. 
  3. A maturation of character.  Leadership is just as much about character as it is about competency.
  4. A mounting sense of inspiration.  Christian leaders aren’t just filling roles, they have a calling and the deeper that sense of calling the more faith and passion they will exhibit.
  5. A growing sense of confidence.  As leaders develop their competence they naturally develop their confidence.  And the truth is better leaders produce better results.
  6. An expanding harvest of leaders who are consistently reproducing leaders.  Leadership development should ultimately produce a value in everyone of our leaders for reproducing themselves in the lives of others. 
  7. A deepened sense of engagement.   Leaders who feel like someone is investing in them have greater levels of satisfaction at work.

What do you hope to get out of your leadership development efforts?

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  1. Mac – Excellent post on leadership. Clear, quick to read, seeds for improvement.
    Let’s follow on Twitter… I am katenasser.

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