Time for a 2010 Goal Check-up

February 1, 2010 - Mac Lake - Goal Setting

Wow, we’re now thirty-one days into 2010 and with 334 days remaining it’s a good time to stop and take an early look at our goal progress.  Yesterday I sat down, looked at my goals and asked, “What’s moved forward so far in 2010?”  And in typical fashion, I’ve made great progress with some, fair progress with a few, and no progress with others.   That’s probably true of most people.  So February 1st is a great time to stop and ask yourself a few questions that can get you on track and maybe even provide a little extra boost to your efforts.  Now set aside about an hour, get out your goals and work your way through the following questions.

STEP 1:  Progress Evaluation

 Begin by marking each of your goals:  Green = Met Expectations so far, Yellow = Medium progress so far, or Red = Less than expected progress so far. 

STEP 2: Reassess Each Goal

  • Is this goal still relevant?  (If not dump it)
  • Do I feel this goal is still realistic?  (If not adjust it)
  • Do I have the necessary resources to reach this goal?
  • Is there someone I need to ask to help with this goal?
  • Do I need to change my attitude toward this goal?
  • What obstacles are blocking progress with this goal?
  • What can I learn from this obstacle?
  • Is there an expert in the area of this goal that I can seek advice from?
  • What adjustments do I need to make with this goal?
  • What are the next steps with each goal?
  • What can I do this week to make significant progress with my Red goals?

Check back tomorrow when I post a video of our Senior Pastor Greg Surratt sharing 2010 goals with Seacoast Church staff.  I think you will find the approach unique and interesting.

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