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February 11, 2011 - Mac Lake - Church Planting

I was having lunch with David Putman (at Pappasitos, you’ve gotta try the fajitas)  the other day and we were talking about the upcoming Velocity Church Planters Conference. David is one of the co-founders of the as well as the conference so I took the opportunity to ask a few questions.

Mac: Tell me about the background of Velocity, why did you guys start this particular conference?

David: This is our sixth conference year.  When I joined the Mountain Lake team back in 2004 I own the URL  At that time our church was experiencing incredible growth as a new church plant.  We were “the little engine that could”.  We were a group of ordinary guys with a very ordinary church plant.  There was nothing special about our number or anything else.  God began to do some amazing things in us and through us.  We felt as if God could work through us he could anyone.   Our message was simple, “God wants to use you in your church.”  We felt like that message needed to be repeated.

Mac: What are you personally most excited about this years conference?

David: To me it’s all about the relationships.  I can’t wait to see guys who have made conference an annual part of their life.  We aren’t a network, but we are.  We share a strong affinity.  I am also excited about hearing some new voices like JD Geear and Pete Wilson.  Over the past year I have gotten especially close to Billy Hornsby and his son-in-law Chris Hodges pastor of Church of the Highlands will close out our conference.  The guys from ARC are so life giving I think that is going to be a special treat.

Mac: How will the conference benefit a church planter and his team?

David: I consider our conference a sort of church planting revival every year. I think people are going to come second guessing it and their ministries and leave supercharged.  There will be tons of inspiration, but there are also tons of practical help coming from our breakouts.  I think part of the answer is in your question, every church planter should come and bring their team.

Mac: It’s not to late to register!  Go to today!  Email me if you’d like $20 off regular price conference ticket.  Also if you’re a LAUNCH Network partner or interested in hearing more about the LAUNCH model join us during Tuesday’s Conference lunch break.  Email me at maclake@launchstrong to sign up or to get more info.

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