The US is the 4th Largest Lost Nation in the World

April 25, 2011 - Mac Lake - Church Planting

I was in Las Vegas recently visiting with Vance Pitman, lead pastor at Hope Baptist Church, when I heard him say that the US is now the 4th largest lost nation in the world.  That statistic floored me!  Then he told me that the majority of the lost people of our country live in the Western states.  Because of several visits in the West over the past two years that statistic didn’t shock me because every time I’m there I’m overwhelmed with the absence of churches.  You can drive around an area with a population of thousands of people and not find one church.

In an effort to plant more churches in this region of our country we are excited to announce that we are starting a new LAUNCH Hub in Las Vegas.  LAUNCH Las Vegas will assess, equip and encourage church planters who feel called to the Western United States.

We will be hosting our first Church Planters Assessment Retreat in Las Vegas on June 20-21.  If you feel God is calling you to plant in the West fill out the church planter application HERE.  If you’re a church that has a heart for planting in the West and would like to invest with us in this enormous challenge click HERE.

Watch the video below where Vance shares his heart and pray about how God may be calling you to help in this cause.

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  1. Hi Mac,

    Can you tell me where I can find that statistic you referenced about the U.S.? I’m interested in reading more about that. Thanks!

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