Nurturing Spiritual and Family Health

March 7, 2011 - Mac Lake - Church Planting

We are excited to announce that LAUNCH will be hosting one of the Best Practices Pre-session Intensives at Exponential this year.   We will be focusing on Nurturing Spiritual Vitality and Family Health

Join us as we engage church planting couples who are learning how to effectively build strong, healthy families while building strong, healthy churches.  We’ll discuss the questions and situations that can potentially hijack our families.  How do we create and maintain “safe” friendships?  How do we protect our children from the expectations of others?  Where do we go to build relationships outside of the church?  When and how do we communicate with our children about major ministry transitions?  Who should be in our inner circles?  What are appropriate guardrails for safeguarding relationships and reputation?  Our family is our most significant ministry.  We’ll help you formulate a game plan for success.

Sessions will be lead by various LAUNCH partners and their wives including: Brian and Amy Bloye, Mac and Cindy Lake, Chip and Lisa Henderson, JR and Devon Lee,  Chip and Colleen Judd.

Session 1: Common Challenges in the Planters Home
Session 2: Taking care of your own soul
Session 3: Maintaining a Vibrant Marriage – Panel Discussion
Session 4:  Parenting – Helping your children with the pressures of being a church plant family
Session 5:  Finding Safe Friendships
Session 6:  Building healthy boundaries –Panel Discussion
Session 7: Game Plan
Closing Challenge:  Brian Bloye

Sign up today by CLICKING HERE

Dates / Times: Tues, April 26, 1pm – 5pm and Wed, April 27, 9am – 12pm

Cost: $59

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4 responses to Nurturing Spiritual and Family Health

  1. Chris Shimanek March 8, 2011 at 8:18 pm

    Good stuff, Mac! Stephanie and I have just recently talked about how people see me automatically reflect on how they view her. This is very tough for her. Interestingly enough, we found that a lot of leaders recommended that she find a good healthy relationship outside of our church community…a woman that she could talk with that would have an objective point of view.
    Wish I could be there! Miss ya! Let’s talk soon.

  2. Where is the LAUNCH conf next week? I just saw your site and, man, would LOVE to attend if in the ATL area. I’m church planting in Dahlonega (

  3. Ah, it’s at EXPONENTIAL! Just noticed.

  4. Okay, totally missed it – LAST week. Is there any way to get the audio from the intensive?

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