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Getting an opportunity to cast a God-given vision is a weighty privilege. Having spent time with God, you’ve heard the heart of God and are called to lead toward a preferred future for your church, organization or community.  Before you even speak your first word your audience’s mind is like a canvas. The words you speak can paint a picture of a new reality, move people to action, enthuse commitment and even drive them to make personal sacrifice for the cause.  Continue Reading…

I was walking along the beach in Carlsbad the other day praying about God’s Vision for LAUNCH.  As I asked God to open the eyes of my mind to see His vision I sensed Him saying, “Ask the right questions and I will show you the answers.”

This makes sense; think about it.  In Exodus 3 when God gave His vision for delivering the Hebrew people from Egypt Moses immediately began to ask questions.  And the more he asked the more clarity God gave him. This reminds me that vision is not a one-time communication from God, but an on-going conversation with God. Here is the list of questions that flooded into my mind that morning on the beach.  I spent a couple of hours the next day on the plane thinking these through and gained amazing clarity as I prayed, processed and captured the answers.  I hope they help you refine your vision as well.

  • What Scriptures are central to our mission and how do they inform or inspire our vision?
  • If we were able to maximize our mission to the fullest potential what would the outcome look like?
  • What opportunities do we have to innovate new ideas, products or processes?
  • What is the unique niche God has given us in our industry? What do we need to do to steward that well?
  • In what way does the giftedness of the key individuals in our organization inform us about God’s future for us?
  • What outcomes do we want to see over the next 12 months?  Three years?  Five years?
  • In what ways will our “product” change over the next three years? Are there new products we will produce over the next three years?
  • What are the biggest opportunities in front of us that we need to seize?
  • What are the “hidden” assets that are within our reach that we are not capitalizing on?
  • Who do I need to meet with in the next 90 days?  In what way can they add value to my thinking or add value to our vision?
  • How will our industry be changing over the next 5 years and what adjustments do we need to be thinking about now?
  • What are the top 3 most important things we can do in the next 90 days that will impact our bottom line over the next 12 months?
  • What do we want to be said about our organization 20 years from now?  What footprint do we want to leave on our industry?

What questions would you add?

Ideas have the power to change an organization, change a life and change the world.

  • Think about a song that’s moved your heart closer to God.
  • Think about a resource that helped you achieve greater results.
  • Think about a book that shaped your values and character.
  • Think about a church that’s transformed your life.

All of us have encountered things that have significantly changed the course of our life.  But think about it…those things that changed us, added value to, challenged, or shaped us… didn’t always exist.  There was a point in time when someone, somewhere had a thought…an idea.  In that moment God touched their mind with inspiration and they said to themselves, “What if?”  And then a God inspired idea was born.

Often in those moments a battle takes place in our mind.  Right on the heels of inspiration comes the temptation to doubt the ideas legitimacy.  Our minds race with thoughts like, “This is crazy”, “I can’t do this”, “what will other people think” or “this is impossible.” But don’t forget sometimes great ideas require great risk and great sacrifice.

Somewhere in your heart there’s a passion, a gifting, a calling to do something great.  Don’t ignore it because the world needs more great songs, great books, great resources and great churches.

We follow a great God, so attempt great things.