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My son Brandon leaves for Kenya today on a three week mission trip.  I would like to ask you to pray for him and the team from Seacoast as they reach out to the people of Kenya.  I was able to make my first trip to Africa a few months ago.  While there I was witnessed first hand the despareate need for clean water and the gospel. As Brandon was preparing for his trip he reflected back to the first time he went to Africa and what he witnessed there and wrote the song below to share with his team.  A couple of people at church who loved the song asked to make it into a video to use with Bread of Life missions organization.  I hope you enjoy…

Turkana Music Video- “Bread of Life” Missions from Maclake on Vimeo.


Empty bellies, dried up streams, so much famine, so much need.
Miles of darkness, miles of dirt, millions hungry, millions hurt.
In the Corruption, in the war, thousands dying, thousands more.

Damaged families, broken tribes, lost and lonely children crying
In the trenches, in the mud, countless children without homes
From the trash, by their feet, this is dinner, off the street

We will bring, we will bring, your living water
So they hurt no more, thirst no more
We will sing, we will sing, of your great hope and promise, yeah we sing!

By his bones, by his blood, came to save, came to love
Turned the water into wine, braved the cross, healed the blind
You have raised the dead to life, you have called us to bring light

Send your rain
Father Reign

The pictures below are from my recent trip to Togo, Africa where I saw first hand this desparate need.

Africa 4Africa 5Africa 2Africa 3

Long before “missional” became a church buzzword lighting up the blogosphere, St. Thomas Church in England started doing things differently. They operated in a European culture that wasn’t friendly to Christians and they knew that if they were going to reach new people for Jesus, it wasn’t going to be in a church service. So under the leadership Pastor Mike Breen, they reinvented what church looked like. And as it turns out…it looks a lot like what we see in the early church.

They broke to the streets, the college campuses, living rooms and pubs; and in doing so, they quietly started a missional revolution. By 2000, they had become the largest church in the England.

At the heart of it all was a church culture that didn’t just create converts—it created disciples that seemed to live an awful lot like Jesus did. They trained regular, ordinary lay people to be leaders, to listen to the voice of God and respond.  And the people they trained…in turn trained people themselves.

Since that time Mike Breen has left St. Thomas to start 3DM a ministry dedicated to helping churches around the globe innovate this missional approach to reaching and discipling people.  Last week I had the opportunity to spend four days with Mike and his team and go through the 3DM training. 

One of the staff members present that day was Paul Maconochie who now pastors St. Thomas Church and continues the missional approach to discipleship Mike started years ago. I had the chance to ask Paul a few questions about Midsized Missional Communities.  He shares some great wisdom and advice in this 8 minute video.

As you are probably aware I spent last week in Togo Africa with Pioneers helping train a group of pastors and traveling to villages to assess their need for clean water.  While there I was amazed to see how the Pioneers team is taking the Gospel to unreached people groups in remote villages, plant churches and then raise up leaders in those villages to lead the church.  Through their work I witnessed the power of leadership development first hand.

In this video you will hear the story of three generations of leaders who are reproducing themselves in the lives of others.  And they’re doing this in an area where there is no electricity, no clean water, no access to resources and a very high illiteracy rate.  I was absolutely inspired as I witnessed the commitment and sacrifice of these believers.  If your church is interested in sponsoring one of these missionaries and the church planting efforts of Pioneers Togo email the Pioneers Togo Director, Pastor Francis Avoy at   Also you can email me at  if you have questions about how you can help.