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Do you need more preschool workers to serve children?  Do you need more greeters to greet?  Do you need more ushers to…ush?

If so, you’re in familiar territory.

I’ve never met a church that said, “You know…when it comes to volunteers, we’re good.  We’ve got plenty.  In fact, there’s a waiting list for the nursery.”

Churches everywhere need to mobilize more volunteers to get ministry done.  But before you start signing people up and filling slots, it might be helpful to take a look at why people are NOT volunteering.

Here are FIVE REASONS people might not be volunteering at your church. Continue Reading…

One of the things young leaders are often unprepared for is the amount of criticism they will face.  Their enthusiasm and optimism lead them to believe everyone will be just as excited and committed to their mission as they are.  Unfortunately it doesn’t take long until their idealism collides with criticism.  This can be a defining moment for a leaders character, confidence and ultimately their credibility.

There is nothing like a small dose of criticism to stir your emotions, disfigure your self-esteem and get you off track from pursuing the thing God has called you to do.  That’s why it’s essential we process and respond correctly when criticism comes our way.  There are basically three options we can choose from. Continue Reading…

When was the last time you took a risk?  A legitimate, God inspired, faith filled, “all in” type of risk?

We’re not called to take this type of risk every day; instead it comes in waves, in seasons.  While nothing great ever happens apart from risk many leader spend their time avoiding it.  Whether it’s fear of failure, fear of what people might think, fear of looking foolish many leaders prefer to stay in the safety of their comfort zone.  And unfortunately the love for safety perpetuates a small faith and a small view of God.  It’s undeniable that risk taking is one of God’ primary ways of growing leaders.  (Think Moses and the Red Sea, Joshua and the Walls of Jericho or Elijah and the Prophets of Baal.) Continue Reading…