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My greatest leadership deficiency has been taunting me lately. Most of the time its relatively quiet; only an occasional uproar. But recently it’s been loud and obnoxious. It’s reminding me where I’m weak and how much I need its influence. And what makes it worse is I see evidence in my leadership that it’s right. My greatest leadership deficiency can potentially have a crippling effect on the mission God has called me to.

Are you aware of your greatest leadership deficiency? Stupid question. All of us are. It tries to beat us up and discourage us all the time saying, “Without me you’ll surely fail,” “Without me you can’t have leadership credibility” or “Without me you can’t do it.”

But here’s the thing that my biggest leadership deficiency fails to recognize. God wired me with my strengths as well as my deficiencies. And each time it screams out, “You need me,” what I hear is, “I need my team.”

What has your greatest leadership deficiency been telling you lately?  See what Paul has to say in I Corinthians 12:12-26. and it may help quieten that voice. 

Do you need more preschool workers to serve children?  Do you need more greeters to greet?  Do you need more ushers to…ush?

If so, you’re in familiar territory.

I’ve never met a church that said, “You know…when it comes to volunteers, we’re good.  We’ve got plenty.  In fact, there’s a waiting list for the nursery.”

Churches everywhere need to mobilize more volunteers to get ministry done.  But before you start signing people up and filling slots, it might be helpful to take a look at why people are NOT volunteering.

Here are FIVE REASONS people might not be volunteering at your church. Continue Reading…

One of the things young leaders are often unprepared for is the amount of criticism they will face.  Their enthusiasm and optimism lead them to believe everyone will be just as excited and committed to their mission as they are.  Unfortunately it doesn’t take long until their idealism collides with criticism.  This can be a defining moment for a leaders character, confidence and ultimately their credibility.

There is nothing like a small dose of criticism to stir your emotions, disfigure your self-esteem and get you off track from pursuing the thing God has called you to do.  That’s why it’s essential we process and respond correctly when criticism comes our way.  There are basically three options we can choose from. Continue Reading…