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If at first you don’t succeed don’t try again, at least don’t try again the same exact way.

Each successive try should be done differently so that in trying you’re growing, learning and sharpening your leadership. In time you’ll get it right and be wiser for the efforts.

It’s hard to learn when you’re not challenging yourselves to fail differently.



Gut check moment

October 9, 2017 - Mac Lake - Leadership

Are you going to do it or not? You have that idea you’ve been thinking about. That dream that won’t leave the back of your mind. That vision that you’ve only shared with a few close friends. So, are you going to do it or not?

There will come a point that the dream will either fade away or you’ll take a deep breath and jump. With every idea, dream or vision there will come a gut check moment.  And in that moment you find yourself asking:  am I going to do this or not?

In that moment you write the check, say yes to the new opportunity, resign you’re safe job or complete the registration form. That is a gut check moment. That’s the moment you make the commitment. You’re in. No turning back.The gut check moment shows you how much you believe in your own dream. It’s in that gut-check moment you either jump or walk away.

So are you going to do this thing or not?

I don’t like facing leadership challenges. They get in the way. They create distractions.  And to be honest they sometimes wound my sense of leadership confidence.

But I have to confess once they’re over I’m thankful for them.  I’ve discovered I grow the most as a leader when I’m in a position of total dependence on God. When I look to Him for perspective and wisdom He uses the leadership challenge to deepen my insight, sharpen my skills and enrich my understanding of HIs character.

So if you’re facing a challenge today.  Remember this equation. Challenge + Dependence = Growth

What lessons have you learned through your leadership challenges?

When I was 40 years old I woke up one day and realized I had no energy. Ministry was taking a toll on my health. I was overweight, stressed and just plain tired. As I prayed through my physical condition I told God I didn’t want to do a diet. I had been there and done that!  I needed something different…A lifestyle change.

I recently shared my health journey with Greg Orham, founder of Pastorfit You can check it out below.

What is your biggest challenge to getting fit?  Let me know in comments below.

I never want to grow stale as a trainer. After so many years of developing others, it’s tempting to put it on cruise control. That’s why I work to maintain certain disciplines as a trainer. Here are three things I want to do every time I train:

  1. I want to learn something new about the topic before I teach it.
  2. I want to maintain the posture of a learner by seeking to learn something new during the session from the learners.
  3. I want to process through each exercise and question in advance so I can be focused and flexible during the session.

These are three disciplines I believe will make me a better trainer.

What’s one discipline you want to maintain every time you train?

I read a survey recently that found only 14% of organizations have confidence in their leadership talent pipeline. That’s frightening to think an organization or a church feels that insecure about the development of future talent.  The long-term health and vitality of any organization are dependent on a continual multiplication of new leaders.

This shows the importance of having an effective leadership development strategy. The statistic above breaks my heart because some of my favorite times with my team are times we’re focused on growing their confidence and competence as leaders.  We discuss future talent on a regular basis and everyone is constantly looking for who they can reproduce themselves in next.  And the thing is…it excites them.  They don’t see it as a chore but an exciting challenge.

As you may know, my passion is helping leaders produce more and better leaders. So I’ve been spending my weekends working on some new tools to help you become more effective in developing your leaders. But I need your help.  I’ve provided a survey below that will help me understand your needs better and tailor content to help meet those needs.  You can remain anonymous or there’s an option to let me know a little bit about you as well.

But I need your help.  I’ve provided a survey below that will help me understand your needs better and tailor content to meet those needs.  You can remain anonymous or there’s an option to let me know a little bit about you as well.

I look forward to hearing from you.  I’ll be posting the new tools and content here in the coming weeks.


How you lead today will determine your legacy tomorrow. So what legacy do you want to leave through your leadership?

What attitude are you displaying today? What wise decisions are you making today? How are you treating people today? What are you doing to grow your team members strengths and skills today? How are you modeling godly character today?

Whatever your answer is to those questions today will likely determine your leadership legacy tomorrow?

Lead today in the way you want to be remembered tomorrow.

What kind of leader do you want to develop? Not, what kind do you want to find? But what kind do you want to develop? My guess is you want leaders who…

  • are men and women of character
  • give their all to the cause
  • embody the values of your organization
  • inspire others to follow
  • think biblically and decide wisely
  • display patience and perseverance
  • are committed to reproducing themselves in other leaders

Leaders like this aren’t built in the classroom …they’re built on the battlefield of the mission.

Leaders like this aren’t built from reading a book …they’re built from the challenge of putting content into action.

Leaders like this aren’t built through “just jump in and figure it out” …they’re built through constant input and feedback.

Leaders like this aren’t built in a day … they’re built over a season.